The Traditional Approach

Only executives receive coaching

Hard to measure improvement and ROI

One-off events

Outside experts

Typically 1:1

The Numly Approach

Coach everyone in the organization

Quantify improvement and ROI with rich analytics

Ongoing and continuous

Peers coaching each other

Many to many coaching pairs

Get started fast and see results in 100 days:

Tap into over 400+ built-in critical skills

Facilitate coaching sessions with packaged programs tailored for enterprise functions

Complement and extend learning with a wealth of content curated by Numly, or via third party learning management platforms or direct import

Provide actionable analytics to
quantify and
maximize impact

Sample Categories of Critical Skills in the Platform



Problem Solving


Mindset Habits


Sales Coaching

HR Management

Business Management


Creative Design


You can’t improve what you can’t measure –

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