Enterprise Edition

How it Works The Employee Experience Across the Employee Journey


  • 16 Personality Factor self-evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses in soft skills, for each employee
  • Evaluation Insights from managers as well as colleagues to provide holistic feedback on skills


Choose from a comprehensive catalog of 185+ soft skills in 5 categories, packaged into tailored programs for key enterprise functions and disciplines. For instance:

  • Future-of-Remote-Work Skills Development
  • Core Values Skills Development
  • Innovation in R&D/Engineering
  • Inside Sales Coaching
  • Sales Leadership Coaching
  • New Hire Skills Development
  • And many more


  • Jumpstart company-wide employee engagement with custom program templates and rich engagement tools to identify skill gaps and pair Coaches and Jedi for each soft skill
  • Follow built-in, customizable processes for easy Coach/Jedi interactions (self-scoring, peer rating, coach and Jedi feedback, etc.) and continuous progress through the learning journey
  • Bobot™ – Personalized, contextual AI bot nurture touch points to address each individual’s skill gap and unique learning process


  • Gain actionable insights from rich analytics on employee engagement, performance management, and much more
  • Engagement scores (Coach and Jedi) for skills
  • Engagement index: team and organization
  • Overall enterprise transformational insights

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How it Works The Engagement Program Experience


  • Program Administrators and Managers who create and define
  • Groups of Individuals coupled with Managers and Coaches
  • Skill based many-to-many Coach-Jedi pairings


  • 185+ comprehensive soft skills database
  • 16 Personality Factor evaluations
  • Self evaluations based on functional and self development programs

Learning Interactions (Knowledge Management)

  • In Person 1:1 Coaching (algorithms for many-to-many Coach and Jedi pairings)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Web, Tablet/Phone device based
  • Feedback Surveys, Polls, Ignite Evaluation, Email
  • And many more…

Engagement Programs

  • Easy Setup – Pre-built Templates for Departments and customizable
  • Step Function Seamless Execution – Stage Managed Engagement Tasks -Attract, Engage, Transform

Call to Actions

  • AI powered personalized and contextual nurture actions: notifications, reminders, alerts, kudos, and more
  • Driven by deep engagement insights – data analytics, Machine Learning powered engagement scores