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Reinforce and extend sales training in a continuous and iterative coaching process to help your teams sell faster and win bigger.

NumlyEngage creates many-to-many Coach/Jedi pairings of your team members, based on their self-evaluations of specific skills, so you can teach and learn from each other. Next, NumlyEngage lends structure to the coaching process with a wealth of third-party content and built-in skills programs tailored for sales, such as Negotiations and Deal Management, so you can ramp up quickly.

In addition, NumlyEngage offers programs in soft skills—such as Active Listening, Empathy, and Time Management—to help sales leaders become more effective managers and better mentors, and guide the team to increased productivity and performance, especially in the era of Working from Home, where guidance has become more lacking yet more critical than ever before.

Who Will Benefit from NumlyEngage Sales Coaching Programs?

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All program bundles are independent certifiable programs and can be done individually. For a learning pathway we recommend all 4 programs.

Webcast on "Rewire Your Teams for Resilience - Adapt | Compete | Thrive"

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST